Next in Fashion – Phygital

Pairing Digital and Physical Items

Sep 8, 2023

In an era where a complete transition to the digital realm proved to be too radical for most, the fashion industry found solace in a buzzword it simultaneously loved and loathed: "phygital." This concept seamlessly melded the digital and physical realms, harnessing cutting-edge technology to offer the synthesis of these two worlds. The trend extended its influence across products, locales, and influential figures within the industry.

Ralph Lauren, a stalwart in the fashion arena, boldly ventured into the phygital realm, introducing a groundbreaking collection within the virtual universe of Fortnite. This collection allowed players to sport in-game replicas of their footwear, marking a revolutionary stride in fashion's digital evolution.

In a bold move that underscores the ever-evolving intersection of fashion and technology, Prada has officially launched its inaugural standalone NFT endeavor. This project takes the form of an exclusive collection of limited-edition physical T-shirts, each carrying a price tag of approximately $1,000. What sets this collection apart is the inclusion of a complementary NFT counterpart, giving fashion enthusiasts and blockchain aficionados alike a blend of real-world and digital ownership.

Prada's foray into the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is nothing short of visionary. As the luxury brand continues to position itself at the forefront of innovation, it has already begun the integration of Near Field Communication (NFC) and Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) chips into all of its creations. This strategic move not only enhances the brand's commitment to quality and authenticity but also lays the groundwork for the potential inclusion of NFT counterparts, or "twins," for all of its future product releases.

Prada's pioneering NFT project marks a step forward in the fashion industry's embrace of blockchain technology, promising possibilities for collectors, fashion connoisseurs, and tech enthusiasts alike. 

In the ever-evolving landscape of fashion and technology, digital twins are emerging as a game-changer with lasting implications for traditional brands. These digital assets are not merely fleeting novelties but rather a profound antidote to the prevailing notion that "authentic" fashion exists in a realm separate from the innovations of Web3.

In a stride into the realm of fashion technology, the Portuguese brand, Alexandra Moura, has unveiled digital twins for their latest SS23 collection. Elevating the conventional runway experience to new heights, this avant-garde release introduces phygital garments enriched with an array of features, including the immersive AR Try-On and a customization option.

What truly distinguishes Alexandra Moura from others is its dedication to personalization. Holders are granted an opportunity to infuse their personality into each crafted piece. Whether it's the changing of colors or the selection of an alternative print, the power to craft a sartorial identity lies firmly in their hands.

Once these personalized items have been ended, the Seamm App offers a transformative AR Try-On experience. Alexandra Moura's SS23 collection has set a new standard in the world of fashion, redefining how we engage with and embody style.

In a stylish unveiling this past May, Valaclava made its grand entrance into the fashion scene, debuting a meticulously crafted collection boasting a staggering 8,000 garments. This meticulously curated lineup featured a splendid array of eight distinct designs, each boasting an impressive 1,000 units. Among the fashion-forward offerings were long-sleeved T-shirts, cozy hoodies, and trendy cargo pants, all falling within the enticing price range of €200 to €300.

But Valaclava doesn't stop at mere apparel; they've seamlessly integrated the digital realm into their fashion vision. Every physical Valaclava creation comes equipped with an embedded NFC tag. This ingenious feature empowers owners to scan and unlock a dedicated app, granting them access to their very own NFT "passport." This passport, in turn, serves as an exclusive membership to the elite Valaclava "clvn," where fashion enthusiasts unite primarily through a Discord server. Valaclava has undeniably crafted a fashion experience that transcends the traditional and ushers in a new era of personalized, digital-savvy style.

While the integration of phygital collections into the fashion industry may entail a more intricate process compared to their use as event souvenirs or membership cards, the concept of "phygital" sales holds the promise of imbuing products with enduring value. Moreover, it presents a lucrative revenue avenue for brands operating in the thriving secondhand market. Beyond the immediate transaction, phygital sales pave the way for a dynamic relationship with customers, allowing for the continuous enhancement of products over time. This digital tether fosters an ongoing connection, ensuring that fashion remains at the forefront of innovation in the digital age.