Gifting & Brand Perks

Enhancing Acquisition & Retention via Web3

Referral System for Digital Twins Holders in one mobile app

Acquisition of new customers

How it works? 

Existing app users choose a gift from their digital wardrobe.

They share it with their loved ones through a special link.

New users can download the app and access all features immediately.

Retention of customers

How it works? 

A customer buys a branded physical product, that includes a QR code.

Scans the QR code to access the digital twin and the unique brand benefits through the brand’s app.

Returns to any of the brand's locations to enjoy exclusive discounts.


Unlock limitless marketing possibilities for your brand through gifts and brand perks:


Provide Digital Twin holders exclusive entries to sales and events


Reward customers for spreading the joy with gift sharing.


Host giveaways with the enticing opportunity to win lifetime discounts.


And many more!

These features are included in the Seamm White Label Solution and Seamm Phygital Marketplace

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