Your art is your way into fashion

Ever wanted to start your own fashion line, or make your own merch to satisfy your ever-growing fan base? We’ve got an offer for you.

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How Seamm helps creators

Expand your audience

Get your work in front of a whole new world of audiences who will love it, buy it, and want more of it.

View your art in virtual worlds

Bring your virtual vision to life in video games and metaverses, increasing your popularity.

Get revenue share

Earn a share of revenue on every item sold. And as an added bonus, our marketing team handles all of the promotions for your collection.

Convenient payout methods

Receive monthly royalties for your collection however it’s easiest for you.

Working with Seamm? Legendary.

Seamm × Misha Libertee

Seamm collaborated with Misha Libertee's virtual twin - a neural network trained by Libertee's iconic stained glass art - to create an authentic and limited-edition digital collection that can be worn in DCL.

Reach new audience

The new user flow for gaming worlds. Players are excited by fashion wearables and their easy transfers, which help advertise your video game to both new and existing users.

The Seamm × [creator] process

Prepare collection concept art, visual ideas, etc.
Craft the story behind the collection
Share your collection concept and story with Seamm via our contact form
Our account manager will reach out
After getting an initial approval, Seamm starts the model creation process
Models are published to Seamm marketplace and available in video games and metaverses

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