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How can brands collaborate with Seamm?

There are two main ways that a brand can be virtually represented: with digital-only products or digital twins of real-world items.


Digital-only apparel and accessories are available exclusively in digital form. Users can collect these sustainable 3D fashion items in Seamm’s digital wardrobe and are able to wear them in metaverses and video games.

Digital twin

А digital twin is a virtual replica of a brand’s physical item. Each digital twin has a unique ID that verifies its authenticity and holds information about its model number, real-world materials, and the history of the brand, designer and / or collection. Digital twins can be collected, purchased, exchanged, and resold on Seamm’s peer-to-peer marketplace. They can also be worn in video games and metaverses.



From idea to design to digital wearable


Seamm signs exclusive contracts with the brand


Seamm sketches out the future collection


Seamm makes 3D models and the brand approves them


Seamm releases the collections in the mobile app


In partnership with metaverses and video games, Seamm publishes the collections in virtual worlds

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All-inclusive brand digitization

Seamm offers a simple way for brands to enter digital space with our all-original suite of offerings. We handle all of the heavy liftings.

Digital-only launch

Seamm manages the entire process from conception to 3D modeling to publication on our marketplace. Brands gain access to sales analytics, marketing, and PR promotion via Seamm.

Transfer to virtual worlds

We conduct due diligence as we publish items to metaverses and video games. Seamm manages all integrations with virtual worlds and contracts with game developers.

Brands care

We provide complete support for brands, including a personal account manager and 24-hour assistance.

Creative control

All approval lies with the brand. Each item’s look and integration with a game is approved by the brand before launch.

Business connection

For brand collection sales, Seamm uses a revenue share model with full reporting for brands

Brands get the benefits

Capture the young audience

81% of Gen Z customers are gamers. Virtual presence means greater awareness, engagement, and revenue.

Explore new use cases

Brands are able to conduct research, launch new designs, and test demand without incurring physical production costs.

Drive worldwide sales

Seamm operates all over the world, bringing global awareness to a brand and its offerings. Earn money from sales on Seamm and experience a boost in revenue through other retail channels.

Increase digital brand awareness

The launch of a brand in the virtual world is always a massive event for the media and the public. When customers can interact with a brand in all dimensions, brand awareness skyrockets.

Stand for sustainability

Digital items help fashion brands move towards sustainability by saving water and reducing carbon emissions.

Be in good company

Seamm works with the world’s most well-known and well-loved brands, crafting the legendary apparel and signature styles people crave. Don’t miss your brand’s chance to be part of the digital fashion (r)evolution!

For business inquiries, please contact us

Send an email to Seamm outlining your desired project, deadlines, and, if possible, examples of the collections you wish to digitize.