What is Seamm?

Seamm app is a digital fashion wardrobe that brings real-world styles to virtual worlds, like games and metaverses.

What is Digital Fashion?

Digital fashion is 3D-designed apparel and accessories that can be worn by avatars in virtual worlds. Users can try on, buy, sell, and wear digital fashions in games and metaverses.

What is a “phygital” item?

A “phygital” item exists in two forms: physical item and it’s digital twin. Users can wear phygital items in the real world and in virtual spaces.

What is a Digital Twin?

A digital twin is a digital copy of a physical item that shares its digital certificate of authenticity, which unlocks IRL benefits for phygital collection buyers.

What is a QR code included in a Phygital item?

QR codes are included with the real-world version of a phygital item. By scanning the QR code, a user can claim and authenticate the digital version of their item to wear in virtual worlds.

What is a Digital-only item?

Digital-only items exist exclusively in virtual worlds and are designed to be worn by avatars.