Phygital Challenges Traditional Notions of Clothing

Sarabande Foundation Artist Debuts Groundbreaking Phygital Garments at Selfridges with Seamm Partnership

Feb 6, 2023

Martina Spetlova, an artist-in-residence at Lee Alexander McQueen’s Sarabande Foundation, has teamed up with Seamm, a US-based start-up, to launch a collection of phygital garments at Selfridges in London. Using Seamm’s QR code technology, customers can access a digital twin of the designer jacket they have purchased, allowing them to wear it in video games and metaverse worlds. The initiative is part of Seamm’s efforts to connect the real and virtual worlds while offering brands personalized data that helps them improve performance and track consumer preferences. Spetlova believes that tapping into the virtual world is a natural progression, given that technology is already embedded in her work, and customers need a change in the fashion industry.