Style in the Metaverse

The Origin Story of Seamm

May 3, 2023

In personal expression, brands play a significant role, particularly in the physical world, where people often convey their identity through their apparel. But what about the virtual sphere, where more individuals gather, socialize, indulge in gaming, and partake in various leisure activities through their digital avatars?

Recently, Martina Martianova, the visionary behind Seamm, a self-proclaimed "digital fashion wardrobe for virtual worlds," engaged in a compelling discussion with Ethan, the esteemed host of The Startup Savant Podcast. Their conversation delved into the future of the metaverse, the art of perfecting an investor pitch, and the intricate process of building Seamm as a dynamic two-sided marketplace.

Within this narrative lies the captivating origin story of Seamm, a venture shaping the intersection of fashion and the virtual landscape.